Web Based Contest Software

You can make as many categories, sub-variations and score definitions as you want to your competitions. In addition, your jurors can give points to the relevant competitors through the online interface.


You can collect jury and contestant preliminary records online. The jury and contestants you have approved can take part in the relevant competition.


You can set the range of points and add as many prizes as you want. The system calculates the average of the points received and the contestant shows the awards live.

Special Codes

You can assign auto-specific codes to contestants so you can keep secret that jury votes.

Suitable for everyone who organizes the competition.

You can create any kind of competitions by entering the category, variant and score range.

Create Physical Competitions, Move Scoring to Digits

Juri.kim  is a platform that allows you to receive your competition applications online and carries the scoring to digital rather than paper.

Affordable for everyone!

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  • limited Submissions
  • mailchimp integration
  • Adwords integration
  • limited Submissions
  • mailchimp integration
  • Adwords integration
  • limited Submissions
  • mailchimp integration
  • Adwords integration

Single Price

Single package, single price, no confusing regulations.



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